Help give neglected & underweight Thunder health & happiness!

We need your help covering Thunder’s vet bills!


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UPDATE: We took Thunder to an emergency vet on 6/14/22 and after more bloodwork, more tests, and an ultrasound, it was determined Thunder has either IBD or Small Lymphoma.

The only way to know for sure is to run even more tests - but for now, Thunder will be starting a hypoallergenic diet (if we can find one he likes) and he will be going on a steroid treatment monitored closely by our vet.

He is currently with a loving foster, learning what love feels like for the first time.

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Meet Thunder! This poor guy is so emaciated and weak, he can barely stand on his back legs. After years of neglect, he is finally in good hands and on the path to good health, but we need help! We brought Thunder to the vet and his left kidney and thyroid are extremely enlarged.(we are currently awaiting his test results to pinpoint the cause and treatment plan) We also had to deworm, vaccinate and get him started on some medications. Our small rescue thrives on donations and we’re doing our best to save and treat these animals with the medical care they deserve. Thunder is the sweetest, coolest & calmest gentleman & he needs us!!!! 

Help us cover the cost of his vet visits while we get him on track to being a healthy kitty! Anything counts!

Linus & Friends is a 501c3 recognized charity and we need your help to raise the funds required to support the animals in our care.  Please help us help pups (and kitties!) 

All eligible donations are tax-deductible if desired.

EIN: 86-1999398



13 supporters

$2,100 goal

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EIN 86-1999398