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Our students graduate with a love of learning, a deep connection to Israel, and the building blocks for extraordinary futures. We inspire our students so that they can amaze you. For 36 years, our school has been providing students and their families with a loving community that extends far beyond graduation.

What does Academies at GBDS mean to you? Your 1st grader reading Hebrew for the first time? Your preschooler reciting Shema quietly in bed? Your middle schooler singing Torah Tropes? School-wide Kabbalat Shabbat? Joyful Yom Ha’atzmaut dancing in the schoolyard? We are a small school with a big neshama. We are not just a school; we are a community and a mishpacha. There’s a warmth here that you truly won’t feel elsewhere.

The unprecedented events over the last two years have resulted in our school facing a budget deficit this year. We want to ensure that all of our offering remain the same - including our incredible staff, bussing and security, and our our substantial and very generous financial aid to families. We need YOUR help to come together as a community and raise the funds needed to keep our school operating for next year and well beyond.

Today, YOU can help by giving to our school's Annual Fund. Thank you for your generosity, and for helping to manifest the continuity of our people.

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21 supporters

$360,000 goal

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EIN 22-2635691