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Together, we will help our small school with a big neshama stay strong!


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Academies at GBDS

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To us, it was never about IF we could open, it was always about HOW.

~ We built outdoor classrooms ~

~ Reconfigured classrooms to accommodate social distancing ~

~ Installed sneeze guards in the classrooms ~

~ Upgraded our HVAC systems~

~ Procured PPE, Fogger Machine Disinfectant for surface cleaning, and sanitizer ~

~ Became 1-1 with technology in 1st-8th grades ~

~ Upgraded teacher technology from desktop computers to laptops ~

~ Upgraded our smart boards and installed cameras in classrooms ~

~ Provided portable microphones to use in classrooms and over Zoom ~

~ Trained teachers in latest technologies ~

~ Offered GBDS Ba'Bayit option for families ~

~ Created individual "School in a Box" kits ~

~ Expanded social worker's hours to focus on social and emotional wellbeing ~

We were able to open because we are a committed school with wonderful staff & faculty, and an incredible community.

The journey has not been easy, nor is it over.

To get here, we incurred extraordinary expenses, and there will be more.

Some of these are one-time expenses, others are improvements to our school that will last for generations.

We are prepared for what is now and for what is next. But we need YOUR support.

Please join us in marking our 35th years as a community and support our annual fund with your gift. Every dollar will help cover COVID-related expenses.

Together, we will help our small school with a big neshama stay strong!



18 supporters

$150,000 goal

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EIN 22-2635691