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Created by Jennifer Mandelblatt


$25,000 Goal

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In city halls, state capitols, and the chambers of Congress, elected officials are making decisions about young women's bodies, lives, and futures without listening to our voices. Platform is here to change that. Platform is a new training and lobby organization for and by young women dedicated to advancing feminist dialogue and policies. 

Platform provides you with opportunities to amplify your voices and ideas, to break down and analyze policy issues, to develop advocacy skills, to engage with leaders in the political arena, to create a common agenda, and to lobby elected officials using that agenda. Our objective is to influence elected officials in their actions, stances, and votes by making clear that if they want our votes, they have to protect our rights. 

As we do this, we, a new generation of feminist leaders, are showing the country that we are here to serve and ready to lead. Together, we are building a community  that does not claim to speak for women, but allows women to speak for themselves. A community that highlights and addresses the different experiences of all who identify as women, non-binary, transgender, and femme while celebrating the bonds of sisterhood. 

Interested in just buying a t-shirt: http://bit.ly/2GqEzmc

Champion- $5,000+

  • 10 Tickets to our July 14-16 Convention.
  • Your name will be featured online and on all printed literature as a Champion and as a lead sponsor of the Convention workshop/speaker of your choosing.
  • Our monthly progress reports so you know your donation is going to good use.
  • Letters from seven of the Convention delegates whom you are sponsoring. 
  • A t-shirt you can wear to the next rally, two to give to friends, and a pack of stickers. 

Trailblazer- $2,000+

  • 4 Tickets to our July 14-16 Convention.
  • Your name will be featured online and on all printed literature as a Changemaker and as a supporting sponsor of the Convention workshop/speaker of your choosing.
  • Our monthly progress reports so you know your donation is going to good use.
  • Letters from three of the Convention delegates whom you are sonsoring. 
  • A t-shirt you can wear to the next rally, one to give to a friend, and a pack of stickers.

Changemaker- $500+

  • 1 Ticket to our July 14-16 Convention.
  • Your name will be featured online and on all printed literature as a Leader and as a sponsor of the Convention.
  • Our monthly progress reports so you know your donation is going to good use
  • Letters from two of the Convention delegates whom you are sponsoring. 
  • A t-shirt you can wear to the next rally and a sticker.

Advocate (Out-of-Town Delegate Sponsor)-$150+

This level of Delegate Sponsorship will not only cover the expense of a Convention ticket ($60), but also provide the delegate assistance with travel and lodging during their stay in D.C. 

  • Your name will be featured online & on all printed literature as an Advocate & Delegate sponsor
  • A letter from the Convention delegate whom you are sponsoring.
  • A sticker. 

Supporter (Buy A Ticket for a Delegate)- $60+

This level of Delegate Sponsorship will cover the expense of a Convention ticket ($60).

  • Your name will be featured online and on all printed literature as a Supporter & Delegate sponsor. 
  • A letter from the Convention delegate whom you are sponsoring.
  • A sticker. 

Friend- $10+

  • Your name will be featured online as a Friend and as a sponsor of the Convention. 
  • A sticker. 

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Mariah Baker made a donation

13 hours ago


Happy to help my friend and such a great movement!

Jennifer Mandelblatt received a new donation from Laura Lewis

15 hours ago


You are amazing! I'm grateful that we had a chance to catch up recently on all the wonderful activities you're engaged in. Can't wait to see you in office some day!

Robin Gurin made a donation

17 hours ago


So proud of what you young women are doing! Go get ‘em!

Jennifer Mandelblatt received a new donation from Martha Robertson

1 day ago


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