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Event Sponsorship Opportunities

We are seeking sponsorships and donations to assist us in covering event costs, including travel expenses and accommodations for many of our speakers who are coming from all across the country to stand with us here in TN! After taking on the initial expense of establishing and beginning to market the organization, we have been blessed with remarkable growth in a short amount of time. Because of this, now more so than ever, it is crucial that we are able to secure the financial resources necessary to carry out our mission and continue to expand on our vision. We have opportunities available to fit every budget! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your kind support will be tax-deductible. With your help, the many dreams that we envision for growth can become a reality. As our sponsor, we guarantee you brand visibility through both print and online advertisements. We will also showcase your company’s mission, vision, and philanthropic activities which will be featured on our website. Moreover, we can help expand your visibility with efficient lead generation through our registration booths at events held all across the United States, as well as through our e-mail marketing. Our current system is unsustainable, and it is unfixable. We need to take our knowledge, our skills, and our passion and we need to WALK AWAY. We are nurses creating solutions to everything that has long been broken in healthcare. We are building a parallel system that will focus on true, patient-centered care and bringing healthcare full circle; back to its intended and fundamental purpose - prevention of disease, restoration of health, and providing compassionate care to the sick and the suffering. We are working tirelessly, but we need your help and support to help us get there. Our promise to you - We will focus on restoring patients' rights and cultivating an environment where nurses and patients alike will THRIVE. June 11th - Please join us for our first fundraising dinner at Historic Maple Lawn in Brentwood, TN with Keynote Speaker - Dr. Peter McCullough. June 12th - Please join us for A Healthcare Homecoming - Patients' Rights Rally in Franklin, TN.


My name is Kimberly Overton, I'm a Registered Nurse with a background in critical care, and I am also the founder of a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Nurse Freedom Network. Our mission is advocating for Medical Freedom and Informed Consent for ALL. We are nurses empowering individuals through information, education, and advocacy. 

After working for the first year of the pandemic as an ICU nurse, I left the bedside when I became uncomfortable with the treatment protocols that were being used; specifically the Remdesivir, which has proven to be harmful and often times deadly to patients. I could not continue working in this setting, watching patients needlessly die, when I knew that there were safe, effective, affordable, re-purposed therapeutics available, but that hospitals were denying these life-saving medications to patients.

After leaving the bedside, I spent the next year working as a telephone triage nurse, and although I had been exempted from the mandates because I was considered a 100% work from home employee, I have just recently made the difficult decision to resign my position. In the absence of safety data, in addition to what I have personally witnessed in my own clinical experience, and with negligible risk, I could not in good conscience recommend the vaccination of otherwise healthy children, against a virus with a 99.9815% survival rate; this is not only absurd, but it should also be criminal. My employer wanted me to encourage these vaccines and tout them as being safe and effective, when we have found them to be anything but this. Although I did not have the financial provisions to do so, I have taken a giant leap of faith and decided to commit myself fully to this fight and to growing Nurse Freedom Network, so that we will be able to continue advocating and standing in the gap for the most vulnerable among us.

We are currently raising funds to assist in covering the expenses associated with growing and maintaining this newly formed, grassroots organization in our first year.

We are also reaching out to individuals and organizations who are like-minded and who are known to be champions for freedom, especially those with a broader public reach with the ability to help to elevate our message. We are also seeking sponsorship of our organization that will enable us to have the financial resources necessary to carry out our mission.

I am seeking only a nominal salary to replace the income I have lost which will allow me to continue to be committed to running this organization, which has quickly become a full-time job.

Your kind and generous donations will assist in giving us provisions to add administrative staff, cover costs of printing literature, publishing our website, organizing educational and community events, as well as advocating for marginalized populations, specifically the vaccine injured, so that we may offer these services to them free of charge.

As we continue to build on our mission at Nurse Freedom Network, we envision growth that will move beyond just advocacy alone; growth that will have our network of nurses and other healthcare professionals focused on wellness and prevention of disease, rather than just "managing" disease - Offense rather than defense.

Our ultimate goal will be to provide true, patient-centered care, offering guidance that will help our clients reach an optimal level of immune health and overall wellbeing. This will be our best defense against Covid-19 or any other virus we can expect to see in the future.

The care provided will be individualized because there are no "one-size-fits-all" scenarios in healthcare.

We aim to offer both nurses and patients alike FREEDOM from the oppressive nature of our existing, broken healthcare system. Nurses will enjoy opportunities to serve their patients and communities while earning income from their privately owned concierge nursing practice, and everyone will benefit from limiting the influence of insurance & pharmaceutical companies - Patients will find freedom from the often-devastating effects of polypharmacy and learn ways to improve their overall health & wellbeing.

At Nurse Freedom Network, we are also strong advocates for Early Outpatient Treatment in the fight against Covid-19, and we are working tirelessly to ensure that this option is one that will be easily accessible, affordable, and transparent to patients.

I appreciate your kind donations that assist us in furthering our mission, but most especially, I appreciate your prayers as I forge ahead on this uncertain path. Please email [email protected] to learn more.

Warm regards,
Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN

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