Support Adopt A South African Preschool each Nelson Mandela Day!

This is our annual giving campaign honoring Nelson Mandela's birthday, July 18!


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To honor Nelson Mandela Day, July 18th, 

                      Please support Adopt a South African Preschool (ASAP).  

ASAP is inspired by South Africa's first black and first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela, who often said, "South Africa has three priorities:  education, education, education.... Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  

What is Adopt a South African Preschool's mission?  ASAP funds the training and resources for preschool education, enabling South African children below the poverty line to succeed in school and in life.   


  • Uplift informal childcare settings to function as safe, caring, and stimulating preschools where children can thrive.
  • Enable caregivers to become teachers as they borrow toys and games each week, and follow a preschool curriculum.
  • Establish ASAP-PEN Preschool Resource Centers, maximizing each one to serve 30 preschools.  

Why are preschool resource centers necessary?  A disproportionate number of preschool children in South Africa live below the poverty line in inner-city areas and segregated communities still struggling under the legacy of apartheid 30 years after the oppressive laws were ended.

Many of these children grow up in single-mother households, not knowing who their fathers are.  Someone must look after the children while their mothers work, look for work, or beg.

Often, as many as 30 children sit in front of a TV all day in the apartment of a woman who has taken them in to earn money. No preschool education takes place in these “creches” since the caregiver has neither training nor the toys, puzzles, books, and games to stimulate cognitive, physical and social development.  Because government funding for preschools is very limited and qualified teachers are rare in poor areas, few of these children will thrive in elementary school.

In fact, by fourth grade, 80% of children in communities like those we serve cannot comprehend what they read, and 40% cannot read at all, a deficit which is seldom overcome. Consequently, students drop out, become pregnant, remain unemployed, and often join gangs searching for self-esteem, power, diversion, and belonging.  

ASAP honors Nelson Mandela's legacy by working to ensure that every child in South Africa is enriched by the joy and  competence derived from learning through play.

More Information please visit our websiteSelecting a "team" is not necessary on this Give Butter platform.  

Take Action!

  1. $15 Funds one educational toy, game, puzzle, or book.
  1. $75 Funds one Play and Learn (PAL) Kit of 5 curriculum-aligned toys. Preschool teachers borrow resources for 1-2 weeks.

  2. $150 Funds items for PEN's Incentive Store. Preschools gain points for attending trainings and progressing on goals.***

  3. $300 Funds one Play and Learn (PAL) Kit of 30 musical instruments .
  1. $4,500 Funds seed money for a new coach's salary for one year.

  2. $6,000 Funds Educational Toy Libraries to support 10 more preschools.  Each resource center can serve 30 preschools.

  3. $8,500 Funds new toy library and training centers in new communities to help 10 daycares turn into preschools .  

  4. *** Points are used to buy dolls, large soup pots, buckets, mops, carpet pieces, and essential items which are too difficult or costly for preschool owners to buy.  ASAP and our partner PEN, foster and reward initiative rather than dependency.

Please support ASAP by spreading the word to family, friends, and associates.  As you do this, you are "adding zeros" to the number of children who can thrive and women who can teach!


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Campaign Ended


11 Supporters

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