Advent Appeal

Here is what we’re attempting to do at Harmel Academy of the Trades:

1) to give men a community of work where they can become skilled tradesmen, ready to build the careers that will support strong families and strong communities.

2) to give men a community of prayer where they can become holy men, ready to orient everything they do everyday to the glory of God.

3) to give men a community of study, where they can become learned men with the habits of attention and understanding needed to create flourishing, just, and peaceful communities.

This is the community you build when you support Harmel Academy.

We are now four years into this adventure. But here is the question we face now: can we give Harmel the strength and stability necessary to move from “boot-strapped, scrappy startup” to an institution able to form young men for the entire next generation?

To do this, we need you.

Will you help Harmel build a community of generational impact by making a generous gift of financial support today?

Will you help us build a community of support around Harmel by telling your friends and family about our work, and encouraging them to support us financially, and telling the young men of your community about Harmel Academy of the Trades?

Will you please ask Our Lord to send workers into his vineyard, and help us find the supporters, mentors, and instructors we need to continue growing, building new programs, and creating new pathways into ever more careers?

Every gift is tax deductible. Every endorsement of our work helps us spread the word. Every prayer has effects in heaven redound to our benefit on earth.

Thank you for building the next generation of Catholic tradesmen.


Organized by Harmel Academy of the Trades
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