Emergency Campaign for Afghan Humanitarian Parole

Provide urgent funding for humanitarian parole applications to help families evacuate


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UPDATE 8/28: Allocating donors' money safely and properly is our top priority. Due to the humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, banks remain shut and it is still not possible to use Western Union to transfer funds to the country. We recognize the urgency of getting people out of the country, as well as the significant risk of funds to Afghanistan being misappropriated or confiscated.  As such, after discussing with organizers at Ketab Relief, we are diverting the $5,000 raised for Afghan families to humanitarian parole applications for Afghans (https://www.pangealegal.org). At $575 per application, the money will help at least 8 Afghans. This organization focuses on getting minority groups out of the country. Please continue donating to support this important work. Thank you for your support.

UPDATE 8/21: Afghan banks are out of cash and Ketab Relief cannot currently transfer funds to Kabul via Western Union. Ketab Relief advises to continue donating until further updates on the situation are available.

After decades of intervention from the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, and Pakistan, attacks from Taliban insurgents are leading around 5,000 Afghan families to cross into Kabul everyday. 

Those seeking refuge in Kabul do not have access to sufficient housing, food, water, or medical care, facing limited opportunities to earn any income. Amidst the violence, a third wave of COVID has emerged with Kabul’s hospital facing limited beds and limited oxygen supply.

100% of contributions will go directly to Ketab Relief, a grassroots organization providing aid to families on the ground in Afghanistan. Ketab Relief has no political affiliations. Your donation will provide urgent aid to displaced families including:

  • tents and blankets for shelter
  • baby formula for children
  • daily cooked meals for families
  • financial assistance for urgent family needs
  • supplies for displaced shop owners

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92 Supporters

104% of $5,000 goal

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