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The Herald and News is committed to engaging and empowering the Klamath Basin with reliable, factual information about the ecologic and economic health of our home.

That’s not easy. The Klamath River runs through some of the most remote country in the Lower 48 and the Basin’s communities are disconnected. They live in different states, are members of different tribes, inhabit different environments and demand different things from the world around them.

From Klamath Falls, located at the edge of Upper Klamath Lake, we are working to help identify and then solve the issues that affect such disparate people and places. We want the basin to be a place of economic vitality, environmental health and cultural renaissance.

Like many outlets, we’ve seen our newsroom shrink in size and scope. But the issues facing our home are big. And they demand big journalism.

We’ve hustled to raise funds to support that work. Print and digital subscribers make up the foundation of our economic base, but we have also partnered with Report for America to expand our reporting. RFA helps pay the salaries of two talented reporters in our newsroom, and more may soon be on the way. We also partnered with MIT to produce a series of in-depth stories on the environmental health of the basin and what we can do about it.

But this high-quality work is not easy, nor cheap. That means we must find new ways to provide important local news and information as a public service. We are asking subscribers and non-subscriber alike to consider making tax-deductible donations to increase our coverage.
If you believe local, trusted information is critical, please donate to Project: Klamath — 2021 Local News Fund, via Local Media Foundation, to make our reporting stronger.

Thank you for your support of The Herald and News!



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