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Amateur Mastermind Productions is a new production company founded by a group of college students who are passionate about using film to shed light on social issues. Our first production, Model,  explores the model minority myth... which paints Asians as "the successful" minority group which  puts undue pressure on Asian Americans, overlooks Asian Americans in need, and undermines the systemic racism that other communities of color face. This form of contemporary racism was introduced to divide minority groups and maintain the unjust status quo. We must be able to recognize and discuss these challenges before ultimately transcending them.

Our story follows Michelle - an Asian American med student conflicted about her career and passion for art, who is haunted by a vengeful spirit! Our social horror short “Model” explores the Model Minority Myth and exposes the harm it brings to minority groups through the lenses of family, love, and horror. To make our ideas come to life, we need your support! 

The filming will take place Nov 28-30th, 2020. Please consider supporting us as we are college students who want to keep creating film that sends messages! Check out our donation tiers that allow you to get featured (end credits), BTS footage, props, and Meet the Team (you get everything from lower donation tiers included)! 

We need funding for....

  • Equipment (additional camera, lighting, sound) ~$1100
  • Location Scouting (NYC area)  ~$500 
  • Actor (Transportation and Meals) ~$250 
  • Wardrobe, Makeup, Set ~250 

Total ~$2,200




2 Supporters

6% of $2,200 goal

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