Ariavan village School and Clinic Renovation

ACAA Artsakh Fund renovating Ariavan (Aghavno) village School and Clinic in Lachin Corridor


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Be part of this great story of Ariavan and its people's will to remain on their land

During the recent 44-day Artsakh war, most of the families of the village of Ariavan, also known as Aghavno based on the river that passes through it, were forced to leave their newly built homes. Yet, 9 defiant families remained against all odds, determined to protect their homes. Ariavan is situated in the critical Lachin corridor that connects Armenia to the Artsakh Republic. ACAA representatives had several meetings with the mayor and other villagers and the most important item on their wish list was to repair and operate the school. Reopening the school would provide a tangible signal to other families of Ariavan to return back to their homes and have their children back in school. In early December 2020, while only 9 families were in the village, after minor updates to 4 classrooms, the school reopened. From December 27 - January 3, 5 more families returned and as of end of January, 25 families live in the village.

This fundraiser will help to renovate the kindergarten, give the kids a sleeping area, kitchen, classroom, lunch room, a large room that will also serve as gathering place for village events and indoor bathrooms. Also, next to the mayor's office the village clinic will be renovated to provide important first aid to the villagers.

Mar 23, 2021 update: Work already started.

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ACAA Artsakh Fund page, Facebook

The state of the school before renovation.

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11 supporters

$40,000 goal

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