Vivid Artistry Co.

Art & Faith Podcast

Art & Faith Conversations began in 2017 by founder and host, Libby John. It is a space to draw artists out of isolation and into community with one another. The podcast highlights voices from professional artists of all creative mediums who are growing deeper in their Christian faith and encouraging others along the journey. Guests include professional dancers, musicians, painters, poets, writers, theologians, speakers, and teachers. In a digital world that leaves us feeling more isolated and lonelier than ever, I invite you to the table to join me for intimate conversations with my guests and be a part of this growing community. The podcast has connected with listeners all over the globe to become a much needed resource for the growing art and Christian faith community. It has become one of the leading podcast resources for Christian artists. To keep up with this growing momentum, it's in need of your partnership through financial support.

By supporting the podcast you help:

-Create high quality episodes on a consistent basis

-Expand the team to hopefully include admin support, website design and communications

-Host live events to gather and encourage local art and faith communities

-Create additional resources such as devotionals, retreats and workshops for artists to grow in their artistic practice, faith and relationships

The podcast is an independent production created and produced by Libby John- artist, choreographer and founder of Vivid Artistry Dance Co. & Collective. Thank you for you support!

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