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37% of $2,000 goal

2024 Noto Peninsula Japan Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fundraiser

Please donate to support music education and
historical artwork restorations in Noto Peninsula, Japan.

All proceeds we raise will be donated to the “Ishikawa Band Association” to support children and students' brass band education and activities in the Noto region as well as “GBFund” to help restore/repair artworks and historical cultural properties.


Noto Peninsula in Japan Earthquake on January 1, 2024

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan on January 1, 2024. Over 240 people died and more than 20,000 families suffered housing damage or lost their homes caused by Tsunamis and more than 1,500 aftershocks followed the main shock. The earthquake and tsunami also damaged national treasures, important cultural properties, historic sites, natural monuments of scenic beauty, and other items designated as national, world, or Japanese heritage.

Artists for Cultural Support

In response to the unprecedented massive scale of natural disasters, THE BRICKS NYC -A Nexus for Arts and Music- will be gathering with NYC based diligent musicians and artists to hold concerts and exhibitions as well as pop-up stores and Japanese tea ceremony experiences to raise funds to support music education and rebuilding damaged historical cultural properties in Noto peninsula area in Japan.

Please visit our official website for more details of our cultural activities.



If you happen to be in New York City between April 12-13, 2024, please join our events to see exhibitions and concerts. If you are unfortunately unable to make it or live far from New York City, but you are willing to support cultural recoveries in the Noto Peninsula in Japan, please donate here. Your contribution will make a huge impact on their recovery. 



THE BRICKS NYC, A Nexus for Arts and Music is an artist-based community group launched in the fall of 2021 following several artistic activities in arts and music collaboration exhibitions hosted by the Tokyo University of the Arts (GEIDAI) New York Alumni Association since 2017. THE BRICKS NYC is now formed by GEIDAI alumni and diligent musicians and artists based in New York City. The name "BRICKS” was inspired by red buildings built on the grounds of our alma mater in Ueno, Tokyo in the early Meiji era, commonly known as "Aka-renga”. Those buildings have seen generations of talented artists go by and the history filled bricks of the Blue Building reminded us of a time when our community was filled with diverse musicians and artists. We believe that the brick wall is a true embodiment of an ideal supportive community. Each brick is unique and can be seen as a representation of an artist and their voice, and while preserving individuality, the bricks pile together to form one cohesive group relying upon and building off of each other. No matter the generation, we hope to continue to build our legacy together. We will always strive to build and diversify our society through our unique backgrounds and artistic engagements.


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