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Help nourish connection and unity in Ocean County.


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Wish you more excuses to meet others in your community? 

Same here. And we're going to build a community garden to do just that.

Our community garden, based in Lakewood, NJ will nurture a sense of belonging and togetherness in a culturally diverse region.

Lakewood Township has generously provided us with land to build a community garden in the John Patrick Sports Complex on Vine Street (see map below). Located centrally, this quiet park is an ideal location with parking, public restrooms, and a nearby concession stand.  

A mix of vegetables, berries, shrubs, plants and flowers will be grown in the garden for a range of produce for volunteers to experiment with and for visitors to learn from and enjoy. A shaded area will be built to allow volunteers and visitors to sit and rest. This garden will welcome visitors to come explore and harvest as well as host events to teach participants about the natural world. 

The One Community Garden will invite local organizations to participate in planning, maintaining or learning and visiting at the garden.

We hope to serve children, families, young adults, and seniors through this garden by hosting events, volunteer sessions and other programs.

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By donating, you will contribute to enriching this area that we all call home. 

Let's build a healthy, beautiful resource for the entire Ocean County region to use and enjoy!

Thank you for your support,

Tova Herskovitz

Founder and Director, One Ocean County

* Donations are tax-deductible.


One Ocean County, a 501c3 pending non-profit serving Ocean County, New Jersey and the surrounding areas was started by local Orthodox Jewish community activists in 2018. We aim to foster dialogue and positive interaction between the region’s Orthodox Jewish community and their neighbors. Our vision is a diverse but mutually respectful greater Ocean County regional area where everyone feels connected and celebrated.

Corporate sponsorships are available. Please contact Tova Herskovitz at [email protected] for more information.



45 supporters

$8,000 goal

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