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#FillTheWell with Asepsis to provide clean water and sanitation access to families around the world!

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In commemoration of World Water Day 2016 Asepsis is proud to unveil our new, innovative donation platform. This is more than just a space to collect contributions, it's a medium to add your voice to the multitudes of others demanding universal access to clean water. Only together can we make a difference. Come with us and help #FillTheWell to show these 663 million people they are not alone.


Step 1: Chose whether you want to donate and post a photo OR Just #FillTheWell with a supportive photo.
Step 2: Chose a black or white filter and either take a photo with your webcam or upload one from your computer/phone.
Step 3: Share the photo to Facebook and/or Twitter and challenge 2 friends to help #FillTheWell by doing the same.


On this #WorldWaterDay, we've decided to frame our campaign around one of the most notable statistics regarding the global water crisis: According to the WHO, every $1 invested in water and sanitation projects generates $4 in economic returns in an affected community. While for many of us, a dollar is as arbitrary as your morning coffee or your late night burger, it can be transformed into something life saving and community empowering, something we can all help provide. So join us and #FillTheWell, giving clean water to the 663 million people around the world who lack it.

Asepsis is a registered 501C3 organization. To learn more about us please see http://asepsis.org or email info@asepsis.org. Thanks!

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