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"Save AZ" Freedom Rescue Fund - War Chest!

Help Us Keep Fighting to Rescue Freedom in Arizona!


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To take back our state, it's time to go on OFFENSE!

From firing Katie Hobb's appointed tyrants

--> To killing tax increases to fund the Green New Deal

--> To getting inflation-fighting bills over the finish line

--> To getting a grassroots Senate President elected to hold the line in the Legislature

--> And giving the AZ Freedom Caucus the back up they need to keep get a Conservative budget with a Family Empowerment Rebate

We are just getting started. AND we have so much more work to do! 

The Marxists and swamp creatures are constantly launching attacks against our freedom. Our current battles include:

  • A fight against the City of Phoenix against a 42% water rate increase to bypass the voters on a tax rate hike
  • Stopping road diets and bus rapid transit construction, which will destroy small businesses with a 2+yr construction timeline and a permanent reduction in motor customer traffic in:
    • Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler (StopRoadDiets.com)
  • Fighting utility rate hikes at the Corporation Commission (plus getting full public comment access back)
  • Scoring the Arizona Legislature on inflation-fighting bills followed with massive voter contact efforts (azinflationrelief.com)
  • Driving more tax relief by fighting to kill onerous double taxation at the Legislature (SB1131)

With your help, we are not finished winning yet!

We are building a war chest to increase our voter contact efforts. Whether by text, online, postcard writing, or at the door, every dollar helps us build momentum into 2024 to take our state back. 

Any amount helps! Please consider a generous recurring donation so we can have a reliable source of resources to launch our battleground strategies with a focus on our swing districts and stopping woke scams at every level of government!

Thank you so much for your generosity!

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