Quail Nursery

Quail Nursery believes in an equitable reforestation and restoration effort within California ecosystems, which includes making endemic trees and shrubs accessible to all people to achieve our statewide climate goals, promoting experiential environmental education to all communities, and cultivating thriving, high-quality, and ecologically significant plant species and plant material.

We strongly believe in collaboration, reparations, and land-return to Indigenous groups in California, and we believe that all environmental non-profits should act in right relation and in solidarity with communities of color, which are overwhelmingly the communities facing the biggest risk posed from climate change. And we believe in high-quality nursery cultivation techniques, best management practices, ecological significance and current scientific standards, and a well-supported workforce to operate at the highest standard possible. We greatly appreciate your support for this project.


Organized by Inquiring Systems, Inc
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 94-2524840
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