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TSC Community Counseling Fund | Bridging the Mental Health Counseling Gap

Fund Raising Purpose:

Help Tri-Synergy Counseling (TSC) bridge the mental health counseling gap for families in Tennessee. TSC's goal is to raise $25,000 to provide families free or low-cost mental health counseling services to those who can not afford counseling.

TSC Mission:
Tri-Synergy Counseling (TSC) is committed to delivering life-changing, generational transforming, culturally sensitive, quality, evidence-based mental health services to Tennessee's children, teens, and families. It is where the mind, body, and soul meet for healing.

TSC Services:
TSC provides L.E.N.S Neurofeedback treatments, parenting services, wellness offerings, and immigration evaluations, in addition to mental health services.

The Story of one therapist trying to bridge the mental health counseling gap:

Hi! I am Victoria Valdez. I am a generational poverty breaker, generational trauma overcomer, mental health advocate warrior, licensed marriage & family therapist, mother, lover, poet, Latinx dancer, and uplifter of all that is good. Of course, there is more, but I’ll stick with these for today.

These I Am’s are part of my 2023 reflections, but the one I want to focus the most on today is the Mental health advocate warrior.

You see, when I needed therapy the most, during the most valuable times of my life, I did not have access to it. I was just a child experiencing the trauma of poverty, generational trauma (in the form of child abuse), the trauma of racism, the extreme struggle of an undiagnosed learning issue (ADHD) that affected my education and quality of life, divorce, and an existential identity crisis. In the words of Abraham Cantinilla- Selena movie: “It’s tough being a Mexican American…We have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans, both at the same time. It’s exhausting.”

I needed therapy when my grandpa died when I was 5, when my grandma died when I was 10, my great grandma died when I was 13, when Mama Grande died (my other grandma) when I was 16, and when my father died when I was 20, when my brother was attacked, beaten, and hospitalized by off-duty cops, and only saved from incarceration (from “resisting arrest”, mind you, witnesses reported he was walking down the street and acted for not responding to questions from a stranger. A guy in civilian clothes, the off-duty cop, a whole nother subject) joining the army and being shipped off to fight from the fallout of the 9/11 attacks.

The point is there were many times I needed therapy when I was at my most vulnerable, but I couldn’t afford it. Fast forward. When I entered grad school, I signed up for counseling for the first time in my life with a counseling intern from my university. It was free for students. Being in therapy was a fantastic, life-changing experience. Finally, I became a therapist and had a passion for helping those in need of mental health care but may not be able to afford it. I went into my own business as a private practice owner and knew I wanted to help people and still be able to support my family. And now I do just that.

Ways I Helped in 2023

This December, for the first time in my therapist career, I reflected on just how much I was able to accomplish my goal of living well while still providing counseling to those who can not afford it. I did the math, I looked at the numbers, and I was certainly surprised and thrilled with how many families I helped.

From January 2023 to October 2023, I provided the following Counseling Services at low cost, reduced fee, or completely free:

  • A total of 550 Counseling Sessions: 70 free counseling sessions
  • The total cost of services donated for free or at low cost: $17,400

From January of 2023 to October 2023, I provided the following low-cost, reduced-fee, or free wellness services:

  • Lens Neurofeedback 140 fee sessions a service cost of $10,500
  • 50 hours of free Mental Health Educational Videos ($13,750 hours worth of time)
  • Parent Coaching $875 of donated services
  • 40 hours of community engagement events/ volunteering for other companies that had no related mental health needs

From January of 2023 to October 2023, I provided the following low-cost, reduced-fee, or free Immigration Evaluation for those seeking asylum:

  • 48 hours for free Immigration Psychological Evaluations
  • Total Cost donated of services $8000

The Grand giving total of services that I donated this year between January and October: $50,525 in services. I am not a non-profit organization, but have a very giving heart. I hope this inspires you to help where you can.

When I reflected on this number, I was shocked but proud. But I also considered and reflected on my family's needs: student loan debt payment, college savings, time with my children with my family, planning for the future, and expanding my business. I started to reflect on my financial and mental wellness and I imagined how those funds could have supported my own family's needs. I imagined and explored how I could partner with other individuals, organizations, agencies, and churches who could help my business continue to bridge the gap of mental health services to community members. I reflected on sharing the blessing with others who want to help rather than going at it alone. I am in gratitude for those I was able to help and look forward to helping more families.

In October of this year, TSC added two Master Leveling Counseling Interns who can provide low-cost and some free counseling to families—another way to increase the number of people we can support.

TSC also has added two Pre-Licensed Counselors who have spots available for families in need of a sliding scale fee.

Tennessee Mental Health Report (2021):

  • In February 2021, 43.5% of adults in Tennessee reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. 25.6% were unable to get needed mental health counseling services.
  • In Tennessee, 252,000 adults have a serious mental illness.
  • Of the 231,000 adults in Tennessee who did not receive needed mental health care, 38.5% did not because of cost.
  • 58,000 Tennesseans age 12–17 have depression.
  • 59.4% of Tennesseans age 12–17 who have depression did not receive any care in 2021.


Will you help me provide affordable counseling to others? Will you help Tri-Synergy Counseling increase the number of families we can help? Will consider donating funds or connecting us with people who can contribute. Will consider partnering with us and sponsoring families to receive counseling by paying for their sessions? Will you donate and help this cuase? Will you refer families in need of counseling to us? Will you share this fundraiser with others?

Distribution of Funds: $25,000 provides the following:

  • 12 clients weekly sessions for 6 months at a reduced counseling fee or at no cost to the these families in need.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about TSC and helping our cause! I hope that you feel inspired!


Victoria Valdez LMFT #1944, owner and clinical director of Tri-Synergy Counseling.

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