Let's Get Our Community Back to Work!

Help cover the cost of essential job tools and equipment to get people back to work.


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Local Businesses are struggling to find workers, even as workers are struggling to find employment. 

To fill this gap and get our economy back on track we need your help! 

You can be a part of the
bridge to employment by making a tax deductible donation to help supply essential job tools so that people in our community can get back to work. 

Your critical donation can help someone like David:

David became homeless when he wasn’t able to work due to a prolonged illness. He was transferred to a shelter where he had support putting together his resume. He wanted to go back to working in a restaurant and get back into stable housing. With the help of his case manager, he found a job. But he encountered some obstacles before he could start work. He didn't have the proper shoes and uniform required to work in a restaurant. David also lacked funds for public transportation to and from work.

The shelter didn’t have flexible funds to help David, and he couldn’t start his job without these small, yet important resources, leaving him still homeless and still unemployed.

This is where we come in. With your help, we provide critical funding when it’s needed - within 24-72 hours- to cover unexpected expenses that are vital to help people establish employment and stabilize their housing situation.

The fact is, there are hundreds of Davids in our community who need just a little extra support to get back on their feet. The added benefit of what we are doing is that a lot of businesses are understaffed and our critical funding support helps the entire community

People looking for work in hospitality, construction, landscaping, food service, and other jobs lack the initial funds to get back to work. Did you know that construction boots cost upward of $90? That many restaurant workers need to supply their own uniform? And, there is a fee to get a fork lift operator certificate?

Employers often require new employees to cover the cost of their personal equipment such as: uniforms, construction boots, work gloves, landscaping equipment, and, most important, transportation to and from the job site. Without these tools, jobs are out-of-reach for people struggling to live day-to-day who are trying to become self-sufficient. 

Rapid Response Housing Solutions is collaborating with Interfaith Community Services to cover the costs of essential job tools for residents of the La Posada de Guadalupe Men's Shelter in Carlsbad and other local community members who just need a little extra support to get back to work

Your donation will go directly to help cover the cost of essential tools and expenses such as: 

  • Work uniforms and boots (typically ~$70)
  • Food handlers card ($15)
  • Landscaping equipment ($50 - $250)
  • Fork lift license ($50) 
  • Transportation support (for example, monthly bus pass at $74, bicycle for work $75)
The more donations we receive the more people we can help. Make Your Tax-Deductible Donation Today to get another person Back to Work tomorrow.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Contact [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you!


We will be posting stories to our social media channels about how your direct donation of job equipment is impacting people's lives! 

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Our Mission


Since we began in 1990, Rapid Response Housing Solutions has been dedicated to addressing the issue of homelessness in our community. Our first project was to help create the La Posada de Guadalupe Men’s Homeless shelter in Carlsbad, currently managed by Catholic Charities. This is still the only shelter in Carlsbad.  

Our MISSION is to prevent homelessness by empowering people in the face of emergencies with rapid support.

Our VISION is to make living in a home a reality for everyone — inspiring a healthier, stronger and more resilient community.

We appreciate your support to make a positive impact in our community!


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24 Supporters

79% of $3,000 goal

Rapid Response Housing Solutions (formerly Friends of La Posada)

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