Build Resiliency

Our reality across Brookings County is that we all have different stories: different adversities, struggles, hopes, and dreams. We work to create concrete, sustainable supports for our neighbors by ensuring there is a safety net to catch them when they need it most. United Way works to make all individuals feel valued, safe, and that they belong.

Whether it's helping a family rebuild after a house fire, or a community revive after a pandemic, Brookings Area United Way is there. We fight for better support, for spotlights on the issues hidden in the dark, for the silent suffering and the cries for help. We fight for our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers, and beyond.

We all have different stories: whether it's a loss of schedule, habit, job, home, or more. Our children, employees, veterans, and community members, all have stories. Together, we create our United Story.

Organized by Brookings Area United Way
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