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Imagine: You sign in to your computer thinking about all of the clients who need your support today and already planning on that second (fine, third) cup of coffee to keep you motivated. You’re concerned about what to get your folks for the holidays and are wondering if it will even arrive on time (since you haven’t even ordered it yet 😬).

A last minute meeting appears on your calendar with the CEO so you fire up Zoom while turning the coffee maker on. Then, you hear the unimaginable: you’re part of a huge reduction in workforce and are being laid off immediately. Your computer shuts down shortly thereafter and all you hear is the water heating up from your machine.

Now imagine this story, slightly modified, for over 900 people. With hiring likely slowing down for the next 4-6 weeks, we want to ensure that our Better family is being supported during these uncertain times, many of whom are members of marginalized groups.

With the size of each of our networks, even if everyone gives $5-10, we can easily hit our 100k goal and offer some small relief to our displaced colleagues. If you’re not able to give, please share this campaign so we can try to make everyone’s year-end a little more hopeful.

To the 900 impacted employees: Please fill out this form to request support and help us distribute funds appropriately.



107 supporters

$100,000 goal

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