A game-changing book by four college students on a mission to equip Americans with the master skill, how to learn.


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About this project

"It is better to know how to learn than to know." - Dr. Seuss 

What we are doing

We are making a book for high school, college, and graduate students about the science of learning and getting work done. Think of it as a cookbook for school (and life), full of proven strategies and recipes for success. 

What we are not doing

We are not peddling any quick fixes or magic products that will make you an "A" student or genius overnight and with little effort. Such things don't exist.


It's simple: we truly believe that any student, anywhere can learn anything. Maybe not in the same day or in the same way but nevertheless (with the right mindset and principles) anything.

Everybody's brain is plastic, including yours, so no matter what your age, race, gender, hometown, handicap, or DNA, your brain can improve to some degree or another. We made this book to go beyond labelling kids early on as "gifted" or "average" or "just not that sharp" and to prove that we can all become smarter and learn how to use our brains better and more efficiently.  

What you’ll learn: 

  • What strategies you should throw out immediately
  • The best predictor of academic success (Hint: It’s not effort)  
  • The most practicalmost efficient, and most inexpensive tools researchers know about how to absorb material
  • Why testing yourself is crucial
  • How multi-tasking actually wastes time
  • Surprising truths behind problem solving and creativity
  • How snoozing more means studying less
  • The key to rapidly learning foreign languages 
  • A host of productivity and technology tips, tricks, and hacks

Why this book is better than all the other books on learning

This book is like nothing else out there (otherwise we wouldn't have made it). Unlike vague, scammy self-help books, it's useful. And unlike academic textbooks, it's understandable and to the point. You won't find academic jargon or any mention of "experiential learning models" inside. Just practical advice you can use.

The format is addictive: sections are illustrated and short (one to three pages) and each centered around one practical takeaway. You'll be learning and extracting value the whole way through. Plus, after you finish, one gloss through the table of contents will double as a review session.

Bottom line: if you're already good at learning, the insights in these pages can help make you better. If you're simply convinced you aren't smart, this book might change your mind.

About the author


Lucas Miller is a Leadership Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, and senior in the top 1.5% of students at the University of California, Berkeley, the best public university in the world. After spending three semesters in engineering, he now studies cognitive science and entrepreneurship and has served as a mentor for multiple undergraduate courses. He also conducts research in memory and performance psychology. Learning, teaching, and sharing ideas are by far his greatest passions. 

The team:


Lauren Ouye

  • Year: Senior
  • Course of Study: Art and Graphic Design
  • Role: Illustrations, cover, interior design. In essence, making everything pretty and fun to flip through.


Akbar Khan

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Course of Study: Behavioral Economics
  • Role: Launching the book and making it spread 
  • Why He Kicks Ass: Founded successful non-profit at age 15, has given multiple TED talks, extensive experience running political campaigns in Washington DC, part of Berkeley's most prestigious consulting club


Jack Connolly

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Course of Study: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Role: Developing the interactive mobile app version of the content
  • Why He Kicks Ass: Already has five apps available on the app store, starting his own company


Sahar Yousef:

What your money will be used for:

The first draft of the book is finished and it will soon be shipped off to professional editors. Here is what we need in order to make this book professional grade and high quality and also to build a mobile app version of the content for those who prefer to read on their phones.

$1600 - Promotion (Book trailer, purchasing copies for launch at UC Berkeley, online campaigns, media and promotional kits, advertising)

$400 - Editing (This is for the editors to dissect the book's content, review the holistic and organizational structure as well as ensure correct grammar, syntax, and spelling.)

$1000 - Artwork, Design, and Formatting (This includes costs of internal illustrations, cover design, interior design, uploading and formatting to fit the compatibility of Amazon's CreateSpace platform)

$600 - Mobile Application (This includes the cost of designing and engineering an iOS book app and successfully getting admitted to the AppStore)

$200 - Website Development (Purchasing domain name, Squarespace account, additional features)

$125 - Purchasing a unique ISBN number for the book from Bowkers

  • Total Expenses: $4925
  • Total Crowdfund Goal: $5000

*** The benchmark goal is the minimum amount we need. If we are extra lucky and manage to raise over our funding goal, all additional money will go towards expanding the promotional campaign (book tour, interviews, audiobook, videos, etc.)

Risks and challenges

I'm a young, independent author. I don't have a multi-million dollar marketing machine behind me, the blessing of Penguin Random House, or a posse of billion-dollar friends. As a self publisher, I am fully responsible for creating, refining and promoting my book, and this is my first one. Success is by no means guaranteed. But that's OK.

I know I can't do it on my own but I have a great team behind me and, if you're willing to chip in a few dollars, you can seriously help this book find its way in this tough, cold world, where many helpful books never reach the people they should.

Final notes

*** The publication date has not yet been determined. Book rewards will be shipped out as soon as available.

*** The title is also not set in stone. Versions still need to be tested with different book covers among the target audience.

For thoughts and questions, please contact [email protected]



63 supporters

$4,000 goal

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