E-Readers Enhancing Elementary Education in Bui Division



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E-Readers Enhancing Elementary Education in Bui Division

As the war for independence ravages Bui Divisions for over 5 years running, education, particularly elementary, has almost come to a halt for the most vulnerable kids who have no options of leaving Bui to safer regions. Since kids cannot go to school, BFU-USA is trying to help take schools to the kids.

To achieve this, BFU-USA is raising funds to support Nascent Solutions Inc. (https://nascents.org/providing-learning-opportunities-in-crisis/) in providing 300 E-Readers to kids via community reading groups in the remote villages in Bui Division. The E-Readers are solar powered iPads preloaded with the approved Cameroon elementary school curriculum. Each iPad cost about $50 and a child can read over 200 grade-level books per year! This is huge in terms of potential gains in kids word-power, knowledge and also cost effectiveness considering the volume and logistics of importing books and distributing them in this part of Cameroon.

Please support BFU-USA to take education to the kids living in a war zone. We may be creating many more high-tech geniuses in the mold of Bent-George Avera Vershiyi. (video)

The kids deserve better.



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