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Project Description

This is a potable water project that was started a couple of years ago in the remote village of Ndzeen/Gwarkang in Bui Division. BFU is contributing to advance this project in collaboration with the village development committee. This was a bottom-up project whereby the villagers themselves identified what their major problems were, and prioritized potable water as the solution to the most pressing of those problems. Through their own efforts, they got the project off the ground and soon encountered financial difficulties to effectively distribute potable water throughout the village to be make it accessible to all the inhabitants.

This community-driven project has long-term sustainability, as the villagers are proud of their achievements and would not want the results of their hard labor to go to ruin. The impact of this potable water project cannot be overemphasized given the high occurrence of water-borne diseases in Cameroon that could be largely prevented through the provision of clean potable water.

Project update

Catchment area, reservoir or tank and two standpipes are functional (2.5Km pipe work done out of 15 km pipework pending). The following are still need needed to complete the project: 12.5Km of pipe work (2500 pipes), 18 standpipes, 18 Stop corks, 40 bags of cement, 1 truck load of sand, and 1 truck load of gravel.

Pipe work is the major limiting factor, and the estimated cost of project is 15,026,000 FCFA excluding the water.




3 Supporters

4% of $5,000 goal

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