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It's almost one year, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. After one year, it is clear that this pandemic is not going away soon; it continues to wreck havoc in our communities. Some of our members have lost their jobs while many are working on reduced schedules (= reduced income); some paid the ultimate price while many are going through other forms of hardship - ill health. Beyond our immediate communities, we have all been seeing the long lines at various food banks, unemployment centers, and other hardship relief locations.

During these devastating times, some of our chapters stepped up to the challenge and in the true spirit of Our Creed, ensured that no one was left behind. These chapters fundraised and supported many of our members in need. In spite of these efforts, some of our members still need help. 

On this background, BFU-USA comes to you, cup in hand to appeal for your help in supporting many of our members that are really struggling to survive the impact of the pandemic. We have identified some of these members in need and we also want to serve them humbly while respecting their privacy and dignity. We are all in this together and therefore count on your kind generosity in helping BFU-USA serve our community. Please consider making a donation.



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