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Dear friends and family, 

Since our opening day nearly a decade ago, Blackbird Ordinary has served our community 365 days a year.  Prior to COVID-19, our doors have only been closed once before, during Hurricane Irma.  It is not in our nature to remain closed, but we must continue serve our beloved community in this way as well.  

This is not Ordinary.  

Our hearts go out to everyone who is facing the harsh reality of the historic unemployment caused by this virus. But most especially to our staff, whom we consider our family.  Each of the bartenders, bussers, barbacks, security, waitresses and dj’s that have helped make Blackbird Ordinary a special place to grab a drink, share a smile, and dance to the beat, are all now burdened with  no income for themselves or their families for the foreseeable future.  

For them, we are looking to you, for help.

100% of all donated proceeds will be directly distributed amongst our staff.  

If you would consider donating to our family, we would like to thank you with a number of gifts.  

‘Birds of a Feather’ Thank You packages:

$10+  Blackbird DJ Mixes

Get a link to stream or download mixes from our Blackbird Ordinary Resident DJs.

$25+  2 Free Cocktail Tokens + Blackbird Sticker + DJ Mixes

Cocktail Tokens are good any time of day or night for any of our handcrafted Specialty cocktails.

$50+  1 Specially Designed Limited Edition Blackbird Quarantine T-Shirt (2 designs available) + 2 Free Cocktail Tokens + Blackbird Sticker + DJ Mixes

We have commissioned two local Miami artists, Brian Butler  (Shirt #1)and Cushy Gigs (Shirt #2) ( to illustrate these Limited Edition Quarantine Blackbird T-Shirts. 

$100+  2 Specially Designed Limited Edition Blackbird Quarantine T-Shirt (2 designs available) + 4 Free Cocktail Tokens + Blackbird Sticker + DJ Mixes

Choose one of both designs, or two of the same. Keep them for yourself, or share our gift.

$200+  Invitation for you and a guest to attend our Welcome Back Party (food, drinks & entertainment included) + 2 Limited Edition Quarantine T-Shirts + 4 Cocktail Tokens + Blackbird Sticker + DJ downloads

When all is safe for everyone to enjoy, we will be throwing one hell of a party!  It will be invitation-only and will include free food and open bar!

$500   VIP Bottle Service + T-Shirts and Hats for your entire party (4 people) + Invite to our Welcome Back Party

VIP service includes 1 Bottle of Champagne + 1 Bottle of Liquor with your choice of mixers.

$1000  VVIP Bottle Service + Blackbird T-Shirts and hats for your entire party (8 people) + Invite to our Welcome Back Party + No Line and No Cover Guest Pass

VVIP service includes 2 Bottles of Champagne + 2 Bottles of Liquor with your choice of mixers. The Guest Pass allows yourself and a friend to skip ANY line and enter Blackbird on ANY night, for ANY concert or ticketed event, ALL YEAR LONG!

In order to redeem your Birds of a Feather Thank You package, please contact us through email at [email protected]**

Thank you to everyone that has passed through our doors over the years.  You guys are the best community we could ever ask for.  Thank you to all of our staff for being so amazing!  You guys are our backbone.  

Keep your spirits elevated!  

Cheers to you all!

The Blackbird Family 



31 supporters

$20,000 goal

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