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The Boon Project

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The Boon Project

Agriculture with a purpose. 

We are a nonprofit organization focused on poverty alleviation and bringing economic value to unreached underserved communities through scaling and diversifying agricultural production. This will be accomplished by providing advanced farming education, access to quality resources (i.e., certified seedlings, pest, and disease management), and diversifying agricultural assets by adding new crop varieties capable of being grown in those regions.

We will also partner globally with agricultural by-product developers to teach our communities new trades continuing to accelerate the eradication of poverty. By teaching our communities how to turn agricultural assets grown into products (hygiene, textiles, clothing, building materials, medicinal, and much more) that they can use for survival, they can then create small businesses, more job opportunities, improve their community infrastructure and also sell those products locally and on the global market. Bringing the boon to forgotten 3rd and 4th world agricultural communities.

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