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Help Ukrainian mom with two kids start rebuilding life


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Organized by Alexandra Kusherets

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Daria is my younger sister from Ukraine. In order to save the lives of her two little boys, Makarij(10) and Zaharij (8) was forced to leave her home, family and people close to her heart under bombardments, tank and rocket attacks. Her husband remained in Ukraine  and joined the Armed Forces.

On March 7, with her two children, she arrived in America carrying only documents and PTSD. They are victims of a terrible war and emotional violence by the Putin regime. The war took Daria's family business, career, dreams, all material assets and did not even leave a toothbrush.

While her husband is fighting for democracy and freedom of Ukraine and she is looking for a job to feed the children, her efforts require time and help. Financial subsidies will be directed to the basic needs of children and will be a new ground to rebuild life.

Here is Daria's and boys escape story written by Bob Smith and published in Kitsap Daily News 

Just 4 short months before the war, who would have though that their lives will be completely shuttered?



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Alexandra Kusherets