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THANK YOU for partnering with Skanska to support Rainier Scholars through Bricks & Books! Together we can leverage the power of education to build a more just and equitable world for all of us.



The new “TEAM” feature lets employees align their personal gift with their company. All gifts help boost a team’s total contribution! 

  • Teams that collectively raise $15K or more... representatives will have the opportunity to join Skanska execs at a private dinner event
  • Those who give $2.5K or more... will be acknowledged in a special ad honoring Bricks & Books 2020 in the October Giving Guide issue of the Puget Sound Business Journal

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In the past months, the barriers and challenges that people of color endure have become more visible to all. Now, more than ever, our support is necessary to continue to foster positive change and provide educational opportunities to low-income students of color.

Rainier Scholars cultivates the academic potential and leadership skills of hardworking underrepresented students of color in our community by:

  • Providing access to college prep pathways previously unseen
  • Guiding over 800 scholars on a 12-year journey to and through college
  • Creating boundless opportunities for personal, academic and professional growth
  • Instilling a college-going culture to bring greater economic prosperity to future generations

We are committed to eliminating barriers to educational opportunities and growing new generations of diverse college graduates, career professionals and community leaders.


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204 supporters

$200,000 goal

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