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Agriculture Center of Excellence

The COE will evolve over a period of time, with the first few years beginning as a centralized coffee processing center collecting and receiving harvested coffee, processing it and selling it from the center. The center will be scaled as we evolve other programs and agricultural offerings.​ This center will not only support the regions agriculture development needs but also provide many job opportunities to further create an economic boon. 

The center of excellence will provide the following:

  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Education
  • Coffee Milling Center
  • Coffee Washing/Drying
  • Natural Processing
  • Certified Seedling Nursery
  • Fertilizer Production Center
  • Trade Center
  • University Learning Center

In order to grow our communities and support our diverse agricultural asset offerings, the COE will be scaled to offer additional: ​

  • Community Farming Education
  • Livestock Purchase and Veterinarian Center
  • Livestock Management Education and Resource Center
  • Other (local and introduced) agriculture seed purchase center
  • Soil Improvement & Fertilizer Purchase Center
  • Oxen and Other Equipment Rental
  • Agricultural Equipment & Supplies

Business Cooperative and Learning Center

Business Management Center: Business Learning and Skills Development Center for women to gain business management knowledge. Accounting/Finance, business administration, sales/marketing, risk management, Human Resources, computer skills, and process development/improvement skills.​

Certified Roasting and Barista Training Center: The Boon Project aims to start a women’s roasting and barista training program, developing skills to become certified roasters and barista skills, including wholesale and restaurant managers.

GAP and Quality Control Training Center: Open to all in and around our communities and eastern region to acquire free Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) education. Classes would be offered and taught by experienced professionals and women who are trained in the coffee agriculture and processing. ​

Soil Improvement Education Center available for farmers looking to improve soil quality and/or transition their crops to grow organic.

Livestock Management Education Center: Open to all in and around the L&M community. Free courses offered on a periodic basis who want to learn how to be successful in maintaining and caring for livestock to grow their livestock business. Classes will be taught on a periodic basis.

Household Management Education Center: Free course offered bi-weekly to households seeking life skills for managing money, preparing for job interviews, and other basic life necessity skills.

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0 supporters

$20,000,000 goal

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EIN 84-3609866