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Josh Chalmers


Bululu Modern Secondary School. Obur Village. The Kalaki District. Uganda. 

Let's get bold and generous and bring over 1200 amazing people the clean, safe water they deserve. It will change everything, leading to better health and hygiene, improved access to (and time for) education, fair trade opportunities, and individual, family, and community empowerment. 

We are working in partnership with Call To Care Uganda (, the U.S.-based nonprofit which will mobilize the training, digging, and opening of the well through collaborations with local Ugandan leaders, workers, crews, and villagers. We can kick off this life-altering gift of water within weeks of completing the funding! Just imagine the joy you will feel when you commit to joining us in changing the world before bedtime.

Let's turn this:

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Give $5. Give $25. Give $250. Give whatever makes your heart grow a few sizes this season. Let's do this! 

Josh Chalmers - CEO (Cheerfully Eager Overachiever), Earth2, WELLfed, and The Imaginarium

Rachel Denney - Project Associate + Social Media Manager, The Bululu Well Fundraiser



70 supporters

$7,000 goal

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