ISC 20 Years of Shakespeare Set Free

In support of the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival: Julius Caesar & A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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Carene Mekertichyan

Fundraiser since May 2023

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Carene Mekertichyan's Story

Independent Shakespeare Co. has nurtured my growth as a theatre artist, advocate, and educator by providing me with a safe theatrical home filled with people I love. As an ISC ensemble member and Artistic Associate for Social Justice, I am blessed to work in a space where my art, activism, and voice is uplifted. ISC not only reflects the diversity of our city on stage, but is also committed to sustained anti-racist action in our community.

Your donations allow us to provide FREE accessible theater to 44,000+ Angelenos while paying our staff, cast, and creative team a living wage. My story is just one of many shared by Angelenos, to whom the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival holds a special place in their heart.

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For 20 years we have created magic!

The Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival is where you, your friends, neighbors and community can play this summer! ☀️

We are built on small donations. We are sustained by those crumpled dollar bills collected in our donation buckets, because together, those $10 and $25 and $100 donations add up to an entire summer of theater accessible to all! 💌

Come and Celebrate 20 Years of Free Shakespeare!

20 years of presenting plays filled with magic, exuberance and humanity.
20 years of the most talented theater-makers who have found their artistic home with ISC.
20 years of diversity on stage and off, representing the vibrancy of our community.
20 years of making theater and the arts accessible to all Angelenos.
20 years of joy on stage, backstage and for the audience!

20 years strong because of your support!

Why give?

Did you know that 80% of our funding comes from donors like you? 

There is an assumption that because we are in Griffith Park, the city must be fully funding this event, however, that is not the case! Although we do receive some government and foundation support, totaling 20% of our festival budget. It is your donations that fuel the Festival!

Your contributions fund the cost of production, building our set and backstage area, pay the salaries and health benefits of our Actors Equity Union artists, as well as pay the salaries of all non-Union artists. Your donations also fund the house staff and all the elements surrounding the performances that make it such a fantastic night!

We are proud to be your theater company, Los Angeles! ❤️


We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, DAFs, and digital wallets like Apple and Google.

Prefer to send a check?
Independent Shakespeare Co.
3191 Casitas Ave. Ste 130
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Does your employer offer a company match for your contribution? 

Companies like Apple, Disney, Wells Fargo, Capital Group, Google and many more offer matching gifts. Check with your HR department and make your donation go twice as far!


You can use your Donor Advised Fund to donate to Independent Shakespeare Co. 

Simply click on the "Contribute Here" button on GiveButter, or call your fund manager and recommend a grant to support ISC (EIN: 20-1004993). Your fund manager will then send a check to us, and please don't forget to ask them to include your name and address so we can thank you for your gift.


Independent Shakespeare Co. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, tax ID number: 20-1004993.

Contribute Here!

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209 Supporters

50% of $100,000 goal


A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 20-1004993