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1% of $5,000 goal

Sanctuary Fencing Upgrade Phase One - Fence posts

Fencing is not the sexiest thing to fundraise for, but good fencing is absolutely CRUCIAL to keep the residents safe from outside threats, and wild friends (and their potential diseases) out of our pastures.

Will you help us give our pastures a facelift?

Phase One;

Our fencing is getting old and the wooded posts are starting to break down.

The first phase of this project will be to buy wooden fence posts to replace the broken ones.

The goal for the first phase is 80 8"x8' posts, and 40 4"x8' posts. This will cost approximately $5000. One 8" wooden post costs about $40 each, the 4" posts cost $27 each.. It adds up quickly!

Phase two;

After the wooden posts are replaced we will move over to build permanent perimeter fencing in the cow pastures, two sides of the cow pastures only have only have electric fence right now. More details about the cost of this phase will be added once we have completed phase one and know how many wooden posts we have left over.

Phase three;

The last phase in this project is to add cross fencing in a few of our pastures to be able to rotate the grazing animals as part of our parasite management protocol.


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