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Feed Our Campers

Nutritional balanced meals are crucial for homeless children, particularly during the summer, when school-based meal programs are unavailable. Project Hawai’i, Inc. provides our homeless keiki with the well balanced meals and snacks for 30 days to assure our keiki are growing strong and healthy. We strive to serve 100% non gmo/organic and local produce, grass fed beef, local caught fish, etc... helping to keep our island sustainable. One fact about our summer educational program many may not be aware of is that our program was a summer camp mostly just to feed the children over the summer break... and look at it now! An award-winning program helping homeless keiki succeed.

Your Donations Help provide our homeless with....

  1. Growth and Development: Proper nutrition is essential for the physical and cognitive development of children. Homeless children are especially vulnerable to developmental delays if their nutritional needs are not met. Many are often far behind other children their age simply by lack of daily meals.

  2. Health and Immunity: Balanced meals provide essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system, reducing the risk of illnesses and infections, which homeless children are more susceptible to due to their living conditions.

  3. Academic Performance: Adequate nutrition supports cognitive functions, including memory and concentration. This helps maintain academic performance during summer educational programs or in preparation for the new school year. It is a sad fact that many of our children end up in special education environments or miss out on extra activities due to their empty tummies.

  4. Mental Health: Nutrition impacts mood and mental health. A balanced diet can help mitigate stress and anxiety, which are often heightened in homeless children due to their unstable living situations. Many of our children are diagnosed with mental disorders due to the fact they do not have access to healthy foods. Our program helps detox and restart.

Providing access to nutritious meals during the summer is essential for the well-being and future success of homeless children, ensuring they have the foundation needed for a healthier and more stable life moving forward.

Join our Journey TODAY... sponsor a child, sponsor a meal, sponsor a camps day of meals... all donations feed our hungry keiki.

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