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Cancer Active 2024 Fundraising

In 2024, Throwing Bones is embarking on an ambitious journey, and we need you by our side. Our mission to keep the cancer community active, engaged, and hopeful is expanding, and your monthly donation can fuel this growth. Join us as a monthly donor and become an integral part of our climb to new heights.

Choose Your Path:

  • Rabbit Catcher ($5/month): Join us with a Buff to start your journey.
  • Vanguard ($15/month): Step up with an Ossum T-shirt.
  • Pacesetter ($25/month): Lead the way in a Special T-shirt.
  • Bonethrower ($50/month): Make a statement with a Trucker Hat.
  • Trailblazer ($100/month): Blaze a trail in a Sweatshirt.
  • Road Warrior ($250/month): Embark on every adventure with a TB Backpack.

Be part of the movement that moves mountains. Let's climb to new heights together in 2024.


Organized by Cancer Active, Inc.
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 81-4897553