#ChristmasMovieSmackdown for kids with cancer

We're picking the best Christmas movie of all time to help kids with cancer!


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We've been challenged to raise $100,000 to accelerate the CAR-T Cell Therapy clinical trial at Stanford. How are we going to get to $100,000? A little friendly competition, of course. 

What's your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie? Silly? Sentimental? 

Have one you really can't stand?

Here's your chance to have ultimate bragging rights!


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Step Three: Keep an eye on your team's progress!

Members of the team with the most money raised as of 11:59 pm on December 31, 2020 will be entered to win a prize!


Kids need YOU to fund the emerging treatment for solid brain tumors in children with just months to live. CAR-T Cell Therapy has been successful in leukemia patients, but now doctors at Stanford and UCSF are bringing it to brain cancer patients too. The problem: only six kids will get the chance to be part of this trial in 2021. 

Hundreds of children with just months to live could benefit from CAR-T, but only six of them will get that chance. Only six families will get to experience that hope. Six families will have a shot at precious extra months with their child. 

No child should be told 'no' simply because of a lack of funding. 

You can give them a 'yes'.



10 supporters

$5,000 goal

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