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In 2014 the Chesnut Baptist Church of Philadelphia, a congregation made up of immigrants from Myanmar, donated a 15 passenger Ford Model 1997 van to CCATE. That gift from a faith community of immigrants from Asia to another community of Latin American immigrants marked the history of CCATE.

Since then, the van has served CCATE for college campus visits, educational outings, and sports program trips. The children of CCATE have many memories in the van, and it has served to open many possibilities to the community. 

However, the van is now in disrepair and soon will not be able to work anymore. Today, we ask for your support in purchasing a passenger van that will serve us for the next 10-15 years.

We have located a 2019 Ford 15 passenger Chevrolet with 60 thousand miles that costs $45,000, and our goal is to fundraise to make this model a possibility. Your contribution will provide the members of the CCATE community with access to opportunities far and wide for many years to come. Traveling together opens new horizons for our children outside of their own town, and that invaluable experience will not be available without your help.


New van model

You may contribute by donating directly through GiveButter or send a check to 


P.O. Box 1185

Blue Bell, PA, 19422.

We are so grateful in advance for any help you can provide. ¡Viva la comunidad, y viva la van



28 supporters

$30,000 goal

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EIN 26-2987850