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Breaking the Chains Foundation is committed to the prevention of body-focused and mental well-being stigmas. Our mission is to use the power of art and expression to foster creativity, build connections, and create a community in which individuals can thrive. We do this by transforming research and personal stories into artistic programs aimed at increasing self-love, self-esteem, self-compassion, and self-awareness. Tapping into those internal strengths and protective factors can greatly enhance mental, physical, and emotional health. Whereas experiencing stigma of mental health struggles, isolation, and the pressures of body-focused societal messages are examples of links in the chains that bind us. Our programs and advocacy are designed to Break these Chains!

“Art speaks to our need to reveal, heal, and transform.” 0ur vision is a world of healing, recovery, and authentic connection!

We are a creative and artistic grassroots movement! Breaking The Chains Foundation offers positive, well-rounded art-based nurturing impact with a desire for healing – to be impactful and create change. 


We do this in a variety of ways.  Behind each of them are self-expressive creative works of rich personal stories.

Our goals:

  • To break the chains of negative body image, disordered eating, related mental health issues, and the stigma associated with each.
  • To provide resources for those looking to “link” with others on their healthy mental and emotional wellness journeys.
  • To change the conversation around and stigma attached to body-image struggles and related mental health issues.
  • To see beyond what is on the outside, but rather focus on the inside.

 With your help we can continue to create pathways to channel healing and well-being through the process of artistic expression in all its forms.


We look forward to connecting with you!

Quick look at some of our programming:

How To Love Yourselfie with Jillian Rose Reed - An online social media literacy & eating disorders prevention program with interactive videos and workbook. 


Big C New Me Program and Power Crew Events created by cancer survivor, Amy Hart:  A program serving cancer survivors and caregivers along with a one-day event focusing on building self-image and confidence.  Resources provided.


The 7 Chairs Performance, created by Alex Little is powerfully vulnerable, revealing and freeing.  It breaks the silence about inner struggles often underpinning negative body-image relationships, disordered eating and other challenges.  Through the art of dance, seven performers come together in an anonymous meeting to share their stories and listen to other’s in real time, thereby generating solidarity, honesty and hope for all involved. This illuminating process is both captivating and transformative; it also highlights the fact that the willingness to see and hear, as well as to be seen and heard, is the foundation for all healing. As an audience member, you will be reminded that “I, You, We…Are Not Alone.


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All rights reserved by Breaking The Chains Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.


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Breaking the Chains Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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