Sidewalk Chalk Fundraiser in Support of Mid-Fairfield Child Guidance Center

Help us put chalk in the hands of our children this summer! A $4 donation purchases a box of 12 bright oversize Crayola chalk for a child, providing hours upon hours of outdoor fun.

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Mid-Fairfield Child Guidance Center, Inc. (Mid-Fairfield) provides mental health and community wellness services that improve the health, resiliency, and quality of life of children, adults, and families throughout the greater Norwalk region. We specialize in helping the growing number of children in our community who suffer from mental/behavioral health disorders due to stressful life events or experiences of trauma. We never turn a child away regardless of their family's ability to pay. Simply put, without Mid-Fairfield most of the children and families we help would have nowhere else to go.

Every year Mid-Fairfield provides clinical/non-clinical services to over 700 children (1500+ family members) who live in Norwalk, Westport, Weston, Wilton, Darien, New Canaan, and Stamford. To learn more, visit Mid Fairfield Child Guidance Center.

Our Sidewalk Chalk Fundraiser puts chalk in the hands of our children to promote a healthy outlet for expression and creativity during the summer months. A $4 donation purchases a box of 12 bright oversize Crayola chalk for a child, providing hours upon hours of colorful outdoor fun.  

Benefits of Sidewalk Chalk

  • Activities as simple as doodling have been shown to activate the reward pathways in our brain, elevating mood and making us feel better. In addition, creative self-expression can be a powerful tool to help heal and maintain mental wellness.
  • Enhances Academic Knowledge. While playing with sidewalk chalk, kids develop color recognition, sorting and matching skills.
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills. Playing with sidewalk chalk can be one of your child's first experiences with coloring and writing.
  • Encourages a Love of Art.


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