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2020, like for many people, upended lots of our plans. We had secured a $10,000 grant to retrofit homes in the City of Decatur in partnership with their MLK Day program. With the grant understandably postponed, we re-grouped. Nimble and quick to adapt, we focused our efforts on voter engagement, producing educational videos and working within the @wetheplugtho campaign to inform voters about the Georgia Public Service Commission.

We’re raising funds to support our mission throughout 2021: energy equity in the Metro Atlanta area. With so many uncertainties ahead of us given Covid-19, we don’t know for certain how exactly the money will be used (but we have ideas -- see below), so we’re asking for your trust. But we can guarantee that this money will go towards advancing energy equity and developing youth advocates in this work.

We don’t know what the end of the pandemic holds in store for us, but we can’t afford to wait. Moments like these require innovation, and that’s where we come in.

Every dollar you donate will go into one of these issues areas.

  • Advancing our community towards an energy democracy.
    • Voter engagement should happen all the time. We can’t pretend the issues our community faces only happen during an election year and it’s critical that folks understand how our elected institutions affect us, open seat or not.
    • We need data transparency across the board. Many of the major players in our energy system, from elected officials to utility corporations, don’t make their data easily accessible. We need to change that.
    • When we say “our,” we mean all of us. The energy democracy requires every one of us, and it compels us to focus on the most energy-burdened, first and foremost.
  • Retrofitting homes to address Metro Atlanta’s high energy burdens.
    • To us, retrofitting is all about economic, environmental, and health freedom. But we can’t fulfill that if it’s not safe and healthy to do retrofitting. As soon as it becomes safe, we’re ready and eager to kickstart our retrofitting programs.
  • Educating our neighbors and educating each other.
    • We’re determined to ensure that bill payers know their rights. Understanding how a bill is made, how fees are established, and how Atlanta has the 3rd highest energy burdened citizens in the nation leads to more energy advocates.
    • Everyone likes to say “young people are the future.” Well, guess what? We’re here right now, taking the future in our hands. Only through education can we serve as a launching pad for young energy equity leaders in Metro Atlanta
  • Coalition-building to implement holistic solutions.
    • We aim to continue and expand our work; to build connections across these issue areas and find holistic solutions for the bill payers in Metro Atlanta. Energy is intertwined with economic, environmental, health, housing, labor, and racial justice--and so much more.



31 supporters

$5,000 goal

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