About Cherokee Makerspace

Cherokee Makerspace started as the workshop of the Firestorm Robotics team (Etowah Electric Eagles). Through the tireless work of the team's founding members, makerspace members, and sponsors, we have a community innovation center, hackerspace, or collaborative workshop.

Why support our makerspace?

We keep our membership fees low to make it affordable to more families. As we grow our makerspace family, the dues we collect help pay our monthly expenses. Until we increase our membership base to the point that it can self-sustain, we have to put some projects on hold. Your donation can help accelerate those projects or provide the necessary gap in revenue to keep the lights on. Your support allows the robotics team to thrive.

What's in a Makerspace?

Simply put, a makerspace is a place with tools and equipment where you can design and make things. It's where you incubate your next business and talk to people who can help you take your ideas to the next level.

What makes Cherokee Makerspace special?

Firestorm Robotics, a high school robotics team, started our workshop. As such, we remain the only robotics-focused makerspace in the county.

We have equipment that you may need but not want in your house. A 4'x8' CNC router or a 4'x4' CNC plasma. A full-size mill and lathe. Or a woodshop. 


A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 82-2172132