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Black Travel Foundation was established in 2021 by the founders of The Black Travel Club, Demetrius Walker and Tre Baker, who wanted to marry their love for education and travel and use it to benefit Black youth. Because of media bias and stereotyping, many Black Americans have misperceptions about Africa and her people, and Black students are rarely taught a comprehensive history of Africa before the last European invasion. This miseducation results in a serious cultural deficit by cutting us off from a vast majority of our history, traditions, and culture, which cascades into a whole host of educational, social, and economic gaps. The distinctive purpose of African Centered Education is to develop self-consciousness, self determination, positive self-concept, a sense of Africa as it applies to the upliftment of the community, and an understanding of Africa as it to applies to personal growth and development. It is the overall goal of African Centered Education to offset the pervasive educational challenges caused by cultural amnesia and self hatred. The Black Travel Foundation is a small part of an effort to reconnect us to our rich heritage as part of the global African family, starting with Black youth, giving them confidence in themselves, their ancestry, and their future potential.


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Black Travel Foundation Inc.

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