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Comida Pal Pueblo is an initiative collectively led by three Bushwick-based grassroots organizations, New York Boricua Resistance (NYBR), G-Rebls, and Mi Casa Resiste. Together, we work to distribute free fresh produce, non-perishables, prepared meals, PPE, toiletries, and other essential items based on community needs on a bi-weekly basis on Humboldt Street in between Moore & Varet in Bushwick, NY. We work to obtain items by donation or by raising funds to buy from local businesses, restaurants, and farms. 

This effort is organized by Bushwick natives and residents that know the struggles immigrant, latinx, and black families face here. These families are impacted, not only by COVID-19, but also by poverty, systemic racism, and police oppression. 

Bi-weekly distributions give us an opportunity to show our community that we don't have to rely on the government to begin the work of creating a safer, more self-sustaining community. Our goal is to provide ongoing support as we assess needs and systemize sustainable ways of redistributing resources.

In addition to accepting itemized donations, we are seeking to raise $15,000 for the following: 

  • Fresh produce from local farmers markets at a discounted rate (average spend is around $300 per distribution); 
  • Non-perishable items from local businesses (average spend is between $500 - $1,000 per distribution);
  • Prepared hot meals from local restaurants (average spend is around $200 - $300 per distribution);
  • Transportation (average spend is around $80 - $150 per distribution);
  • Additionally, we would like to raise funds for items such as folding tables and chairs (to provide blood pressure checks);
  • PPE (to ensure our community is practicing COVID-19 preventative measures);
  • Tents (so that we can distribute resources rain or shine); 
  • Other various logistical needs/tools for further systemizing our redistribution process. 

Gracias for your support in helping us build a stronger, more united pueblo in Bushwick. Poder para la gente! 

 What is Mutual Aid?

In systems of mutual aid, communities take on the responsibility for caring for one another, rather than forcing individuals to fend for themselves. Mutual aid is not charity; it creates a symbiotic relationship, where all people in a community offer material goods or assistance to one another. Mutual aid organizing is volunteer-run, transparent, and driven by the needs articulated by community members.



209 supporters

$30,000 goal

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