Connect All

Mission: To address all that can be addressed for the most safety and hopeful possibilities.

Description: A global initiative, based on goodness and logic, to address all that can be addressed for all life to have the most safety and hopeful possibilities. It includes a logical self-care framework that foundationally equips us as a global community to reach the goal. The self-care framework can be adapted to all ages and cultures (within functionality). It also includes a plan to globally transition from where we are now to where we need to be.

While intended to be implemented in multiple ways (multi-media, education, system change, and so on), the base materials for the initiative are contained in a guide. The guide is set up in 3 modules - noting they have overlap and can be implemented simultaneously depending on the situation. Below is an excerpt from the intro page, giving more details:

“At present some suffering is unavoidable, but the current and possible cost of all we could address is beyond my ability to succinctly communicate, if at all. We live in an overall illogical-disconnected world. I know that reality on a personal level and recognize the differing degrees of it for all life. Connect All is about what we need to do as or/and for each of the 7.89+ billion (data Sept 7, 2021) individuals on earth and all of existence.


Organized by We The World
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 13-4129493
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