Support CORE PAC 2024

CORE PAC, the Commercial Real Estate of Wisconsin Political Action Committee, was established by NAIOP Wisconsin as bipartisan organization charged with educating candidates about the intricacies of, and impact of our industry on the State's economy. CORE PAC allows all of us to band together to build relationships with candidates/elected officials to advance public policy that aligns with our goals.

When we pool our contributions together, we have the greater impact than when we make them individually. In addition, the advantage of the PAC is that you are not making a direct contribution to any candidate.

You do not need to be a member of NAIOP to contribute to CORE PAC. Please share this with colleagues and encourage them to make a contribution as well!

The Legal Stuff - Please take a moment to review these notes regarding contribution legalities.

Contributions to CORE PAC are voluntary and MUST BE personal funds. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.

Contributions are not deductible for purposes of federal income tax.

Contributors must be US Citizens or Permanent Resident Aliens.

Contributors may not be reimbursed by any party for contributions made.

Contributors do NOT need to be members of NAIOP.

Organized by CORE PAC
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