We educate the public on the conditions the typical farm animal lives in on factory and organic farms, and why farm animal sanctuaries are needed so badly in the US. We encourage compassionate choices in our everyday lives when it comes to what we eat, wear, and use for entertainment. By reducing demand for animal products, we can reduce the number of animals in need of rescue, and we can help reduce the number one cause of negative impact on our environment: animal agriculture.

​We welcome everyone, no matter where you are on your journey of compassionate living. Every step in the direction of making a better life for even one animal, is a step in the right direction and we acknowledge that effort.

We are a group of volunteers of all different ages, genders, orientations, religions, races, and backgrounds who all come together for one purpose: to help pigs in need. If your desire is to help pigs, we welcome you to Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary