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We provide free grief support and community for young adults grieving the illness or death of someone close to COVID-19.

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We are thrilled to launch our first fundraising campaign to scale and sustain our work in this critical moment. For the last year, this project has been 100% volunteer powered as a response to the grief emergency wrought by the pandemic. Now, as the headlines turn away from COVID, we know the grief crisis is just starting, and no one should have to grieve alone. Help us ensure that pandemic grievers continue to have access to the resources they need.

Our mission at the COVID Grief Network is to provide free grief support and community for young adults grieving the illness or death of someone close to COVID-19. Our network was started by people in their 20s and 30s who knew big loss in their own lives—and also knew how powerful it can be to gather with peers who’ve been through the same thing. When the pandemic started, we knew we had to mobilize to make sure people losing friends and family to COVID-19 weren’t left to grieve alone.

Since launching in April 2020, we’ve...

  • Onboarded over 100 volunteer grief workers — therapists, chaplains, social workers, and students in related fields — to show up for young adults one-on-one.
  • Provided more than 900 free sessions to young adults in 40 states and 17 countries.
  • Launched 10 free grief groups, bringing together crews of young adults who’ve lost someone to COVID to meet up weekly for 8 weeks to share and connect.
  • Hosted events, webinars, and training for providers sharing our insights about mutual aid, young adult grief, and COVID loss to the world.

“CGN’s group support has given me space to feel seen, heard, supported, validated and less alone. It is one of the only spaces in my life right now where I feel I can be wholly myself, with my anger and fear and sadness, without judgment or expectation.” -- CGN Young Adult

"It felt lonely not knowing anyone else who has lost someone to the virus. I can’t express how powerful connecting with other COVID mourners has been. I’m still struggling with grief and waves of emotion every hour of every day, but the group has helped me feel more comfortable talking about my grief and most of all connect with people who get it.” -- CGN Young Adult

Please note, because of the emergency nature of our work, COVID Grief Network is not a 501(c)3. Your donations are not tax deductible, but are deeply appreciated and will be used to cover crucial operating expenses -- to date, all expenses have been covered by the founders and leadership team. Thank you for helping us to continue this work!

Campaign Closed

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