Creston Arts: Creating Community for 47 Years

Empower Creativity, Enrich Lives

At the heart of Creston Community lies a vibrant hub of artistic expression and lifelong learning. We are a 100% volunteer-operated 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the creative spirit within our community. Your contribution to our general fund is not just a donation; it's an investment in the future of art, education, and unity.

Why Support Creston Arts?

  • Arts Education: Your generosity fuels our arts education initiatives, providing invaluable opportunities for individuals of all ages to explore their artistic potential.
  • Creative Workshops: We believe in the power of hands-on experiences. Your donation helps us host engaging workshops that ignite creativity and foster personal growth.
  • A Safe Haven: Creston Community is more than just a place; it's a safe haven for individuals from all walks of life. Your support ensures that this sanctuary remains open and accessible to all.
  • Artist-in-Residency Program: We're passionate about exposing our community to diverse forms of art. Your contribution allows us to bring talented artists to our doorstep, enriching our cultural tapestry.
  • Facility Maintenance: To continue offering these vital programs, we need to maintain our facilities. Your donation helps us create welcoming and inspiring spaces for everyone.
  • Supply Stocking: Art supplies are the lifeblood of our creative endeavors. Your generosity ensures that we're always well-stocked and ready to create and inspire.
  • Growth & Progress: With your support, we're not just sustaining; we're thriving. Your contribution directly fuels our mission to grow, adapt, and expand to serve more individuals in our community.
  • Public Art for All: Creston's public art serve as a dynamic platform to engage youth, local businesses, enthusiastic volunteers, and artists alike. Our Mentor Mural program fosters a sense of civic pride and draw visitors from near and far, leading to economic growth that benefits everyone.

Join us in making a difference in Creston. Your donation, regardless of its size, is a testament to your belief in the power of art, education, and community. Together, we can paint a brighter future for all.

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Thank you for being a part of our creative journey!


Organized by Creston-Arts Inc
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 42-6256849
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