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Support the opening of a Black-Owned Oakland Bakery

Crumble and Whisk Pâtisserie, founded by Oakland native, Charles Farriér, in 2013, is looking to open its first permanent brick and mortar bakery and needs your support. Crumble and Whisk has been selling through catering, pop-ups, farmers markets, and special orders. It is recognized by many as the premier cheesecake bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a trained chef with an exceptional palate for pairing unique flavors as well as an artist’s eye, Mr. Farriér’s cheesecakes and pastries are often referred to as ‘works of art’ by his devoted clientele.

Crumble and Whisk has signed a lease at 4104 Macarthur Blvd and needs support in order to open its doors to the community.

Mr. Farriér has been supported by a number of nonprofit organizations (Treasure Island Job corpsLa Cocina , Kiva Inner City Advisors ICAfund, and Centro) throughout the Bay Area on his journey towards business ownership. This strong ecosystem of support will ensure that Crumble & Whisk is able to continue to serve the Oakland community with a variety of baked goods including vegetarian, vegan and keto options. He already has a wonderful article written on and customer reviews on Yelp! + google. In addition to growing a successful LGBTQ+ Black-owned business, Mr. Farriér supports entrepreneurship in the Black community. He is passionate about engaging youth and teaching them about how they also can achieve their dreams to become business owners and help build a vibrant community. Part of Crumble and Whisk's mission is devoted to positive social impact in the Oakland community using its own formula for success with excellent customer service, strategic growth, and recognizing the importance of diversity, charity, and inclusion as tools for building relationships in the community.

Donations will enable Crumble and Whisk to:

• Use funds for construction, permits, and remodeling costs of the new space


• Purchase fixtures and equipment

• Provide meaningful jobs and leadership skills training for disadvantaged youth

• Create a community presence that embraces diversity, tolerance, and inclusion

• Develop a strong support network with other small businesses in Oakland

Here are ways to support and contribute to Crumble and Whisk:

(1) Donate directly on this page

(2) Send this page to your friends, family, peers and networks via email, text, or social media

(3) Tag us on Instagram at @crumbleandwhisk

(4) Visit

Financial contributions will be deeply appreciated by Crumble and Whisk. It is our intention to 'pay it forward' by encouraging youth to pursue their business dreams. For more information about Crumble and Whisk, please visit our website at


Share Fundraiser


53 Supporters

9% of $40,000 goal

Crumble & Whisk