Help Renovate our OT/PT Space

As transformational as our OT/PT program is for our students, the space it occupies is, itself, in need of a transformation. The current wing of the school was designed and constructed in 1991, and has not been updated. There is great need to bring it up to the standards associated with best practice, so that it matches the level of cutting-edge therapies we’re already delivering to children with autism.

Our plan is to fully renovate the OT/PT space this coming year. The project includes a soundproof, drop-ceiling, appropriate lighting fixtures and dimmers, construction of boundary walls to separate one-on-one therapy spaces, and installation of doors to storage lockers. The project space also requires padded flooring, recommended for such therapy rooms. Just as important, this very needed renovation will include the latest in OT/PT equipment, furnishings, and outfitting.

The final product will be an updated, sensory immersive space for 130 children with autism, where 264 individual OT sessions will occur weekly. A state-of-the-art OT/PT therapy wing that builds motor skills, improves strength, posture, and balance, and enhances sensory processing abilities that also lead to success in the classroom.


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