Our Vision:

To create a more compassionate and interconnected community in which all members are respected and valued, through programs which facilitate reflection, critical analysis, and appreciation of different cultures and the Humanities, and are accessible to all.

And to accomplish this vision through the following actions and initiatives:

Facilitate conversations through connecting people, both locally and globally, in order to break down stereotypes and miss held beliefs about other cultures and peoples.

Lift up and amplify voices that historically have been silenced so that we might hear their important messages, in order to foster a community based on equality, respect, and compassion for all peoples.

Address the isolation that many international community members experience while living in Northern Arizona.

Provide opportunities, resources, and space for independent scholars, educators, creators, and researchers, particularly in the Humanities, to continue the important work they do outside of traditional systems, such as institutions of higher education, as opportunities at these institutions diminish.

Advocate for and collaborate with other nonprofits and humanities organizations, and facilitate connections amongst different organizations, businesses, and individual community members.

Our programs have impacted the community in significant ways, including working with over 50 local artists and facilitating over 100 international connections, both virtual and in person. Over 400 people in our community attended our events and programs in 2021. We have provided opportunities to a diverse group, including indigenous / Native American, LGBTQ+, Hispanic, Black and African American, those with disabilities, veterans, and Asian American community members.

Culture Connection AZ

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 86-2221284